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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Medeiros and Enoch on Star Trek vs Star Wars

    Last year at RWA, Avon gave Suzanne Enoch and I the chance to embrace our inner geeks and fan the flames of our rivalry over Star Trek vs. Star Wars. This was the result.

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    DebStover said...

    Teresa, my daughter, Bonnie, loved this video. I'm not sure you ever met her at a conference or not. She's now 22 and has Down Syndrome. She's a hardcore STAR TREK fan, and has collected all of the original series on DVD, all the movies, and we were at the debut of the new movie. She doesn't comprehend why DVDs of new movies aren't available immediately. The first words out of her mouth at the end of the new movie were, "Best Buy." :-)

    Live long and prosper.