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    Tuesday, February 02, 2016

    My Inspiration for ONCE AN ANGEL

    Readers frequently ask me what inspires a book. Many of them may not know that my book ONCE AN ANGEL is my heartfelt homage to one of my favorite books of all-time--Frances Hodgson Burnett's A LITTLE PRINCESS. 

    I had always wanted to write a "grown-up" version of the story so I started asking myself questions like, "What if 'Sarah Crewe's' guardian thought his new ward was much younger than she actually is? What if he was hiding a dark secret more damaging than losing a fortune in diamond minds that never existed? What if SHE went looking for HIM because she blamed him for never rescuing her from a life of servitude in that dreadful girl's school? What if they finally came face to face and were unable to resist their overwhelming attraction to each other?" 

    Of course I added my own dizzying twists and turns to make the story my own but I will always be grateful to Frances Hodgson Burnett for writing two of the books that continue to have the greatest influence on my writing--A LITTLE PRINCESS and THE SECRET GARDEN. 

    You can find ONCE AN ANGEL on sale right now for only $3.99! :)