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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Teresa Invites You to Tour Her Office

    I promise if you’ll come back next month, I’ll have gleaming hardwood floors to show off in my office! When we found this house, I was deliberately looking for a newer house that was laid out like an older one so I could commandeer the formal living room AND dining room to be the Teresa Medeiros Complex.

    I was shooting for French provincial here with my white, slightly distressed, hand painted furniture, but with all of my BEWITCHED and FAIRY TALE BARBIES, it ended up looking more like the bedroom of a demented 16-year-old with a Barbie (and Russell Crowe) fetish.

    And where else would I keep my extra Teresa Medeiros books and foreign editions besides my very own Russell Crowe/MASTER AND COMMANDER bookshelf? My devoted husband snagged this from Wal-Mart right before they were going to put it in the box crusher. Now that’s a real-life hero!

    What romance writer’s office would be complete without its very own knight in shining armor? (Or tin.)

    This is an example of one of the gorgeous Jamie Murray BEAUTY AND THE BEAST prints I have scattered throughout the office.

    And here I am with my very favorite desk toy, a talking replica of Captain Jack Sparrow who mumbles sweet nothings in my ear while I’m working! ("Wot’s that yer saying? Ye want me to do wot?!!!")

    Ya’ll come back now, ya here!

    Friday, April 06, 2007

    Teresa Invites Any Number of Men to Whisper Sweet Nothings in Her Ear

    When they were discussing Simon Cowell on another blog earlier in the week, it occurred to me that we probably wouldn't be debating his charms at all if he talked like Andrew Dice Clay or Joe Pesci. It's that fabulous British accent that gives him his sardonic flare and elevates both his level of attractiveness and our blood pressures. Like most women, I'm very sensitive to the unique accents and pitches of men's voices and like most writers I'm always searching for the right adjectives to describe that husky masculine purr that makes my heroine's knees go weak. Out of all the qualities that make a man attractive, his voice would have to be at the top of my list. I've even caught myself looking twice at a William Hurt or a John Malkovich simply because their voices are so unique. (And don't even get me started on Alan Rickman!)

    This was brought home to me again recently when I caught British actor Paul Blackthorne in two very different roles. In the Sci Fi network's magical new series THE DRESDEN FILES, Blackthorne plays a slightly bumbling wizard detective with an American accent. And in Season 3 of "24", he played an evil British terrorist out to unleash a deadly plague on American soil. Now any way you go, Mr. Blackthorne is very easy on the eyes--think young Sean Connery with a twist of Warren Beatty. But I found him to be vastly more attractive with the British accent. (Even as an evil terrorist out to destroy America!) Of course, just like British actor Hugh Laurie, we have to give him props for being able to "do an American accent" because after all, we Americans don't HAVE accents, right?

    Speaking of "24", there's a running joke that Kiefer Sutherland's "Jack Bauer" has only two extremes of speaking--yelling or whispering. I recently discovered over at that Jack's husky whisper is known to his devoted fans as "The Velvet". Apparently both terrorists and women are completely defenseless against "The Velvet" and if Jack uses it on you, you have no choice but to spill all of your government secrets to him. (Of course if you don't, he'll probably just cut off one of your fingers or shoot you in the head.)

    And what about Hugh Grant? Sure he's got an abundance of self-effacing humor and boyish charm, but would you have ever forgiven him for that whole Divine Brown incident if his upscale Brit accent didn't make him sound as if he's always on the verge of offering us tea and crumpets? I mean, the man was dumb enough to cheat on Elizabeth Hurley and we still ended up patting him on the head and cooing, "Aw, isn't he just adorable?"

    And let's not forget those Southern boys. Would Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett on MIAMI VICE have been nearly as compelling without that beguiling hint of gravel in his voice? And what about Josh Holloway, my beloved "Sawyer" on LOST? Every time he looks at Kate and drawls "Freckles", I forget all about muscular and noble Dr. Jack.
    Any time I do think about calling Dr. Love, I think about ER's gorgeous Goran Visnjic. With his soulful dark eyes and soaring cheekbones, he's a beautiful man by anyone's standards. But that Croatian accent of his gives him an exotic charm that makes me think about snowy nights wrapped in bear pelts in front of a crackling fire.