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    Monday, February 08, 2010

    Girls Really Do Want Fun--or distractions

    Check out this hilarious video put together by BFF Connie Brockway featuring Connie, me and another BFF Eloisa James. My cat swore this footage had been destroyed but I should have known I couldn't trust Buffy the Mouse Slayer. At one point you can see her trying to "direct" me!


    Samanthadelayed said...


    Well done ladies..

    Kasey said...

    That was awesome!

    Patche$ said...

    That was a great video. The Girls should be on Letterman. It would be mahhvelous publicity. Good job! Looked like tons of fun.

    Anonymous said...

    Great job! looks like you's had lots of fun!! the cat was great!

    Aislynn said...

    You guys are too cute! Great job :)
    Looks like you had a blast making that!! hehe