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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    A Photographic Essay of Teresa's Early Career Years

    The road that leads a writer to pursue her dreams is often filled with potholes, curves and dead possums. Please take heart from my own saga and...never give up!!! Never surrender!!! (And whatever you do, never let your mother cut your bangs.)

    Having always had a tendency toward big hair, Teresa spent most of her childhood waiting for the 80's to arrive
    Having given up on her dream of becoming a princess, Teresa hired her daddy to be her agent and waited for Hollywood to come calling

    When Hollywood didn't come calling, little Teresa's dreams of being the next Shirley Temple were crushed...

    ...leaving her with no option but to take a job washing dishes at a sleazy diner in Wyoming, her only comfort the fifth of Jack Daniels she downed each night after closing time.


    Keri Stevens said...

    We need the next installment. Right now I'm crying over the Thomas Hardyesque tragedy of it all!

    Teresa Medeiros said...

    And to think, Keri, I thought it was more Dickensian!

    Jen said...

    Oh man, some of your facial expressions were lol-worthy!

    Angelique Newman said...

    I love this post. So cute. I to liked the 80s big hair. lol