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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Teresa's Favorite Piece of Romantic Advice

    "Never forget that little actions can have big benefits.”

    When my husband works, I make his lunch for him the night before and always tuck a little “love note” inside the bag. He sends me one-line e-mails every day that simply say, “I love you the most,” to which I reply, “You can’t because I love YOU the most.” (Stop gagging, okay!) Neither one of us ever leaves the house without getting or giving a goodbye kiss. Nor would we ever dream of going to sleep without a goodnight kiss. On summer Sunday mornings when I’m in the bathroom getting ready for church, he makes me a strawberry smoothie and brings it to me. And yes, when he talks about sports, I pretend to be interested. When either one of us comes home, the other one always tries to stop what they’re doing to greet them at the door. It’s so easy to become lazy and apathetic in a long-term relationship but it really doesn’t take that much effort to remember why you chose each other in the first place. So when it comes to keeping romance alive, DO sweat the small stuff!