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    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Teresa Discovers the Dog Whisperer

    We do a lot of talking about Alpha vs. Beta males in the romance world. But how was I to know that the ultimate Alpha male was a short, mild-mannered, soft-spoken Mexican man named Cesar Milan?

    I'd seen his dog-training book, CESAR'S WAY, on the bestseller lists but I truly got hooked on Cesar less than two weeks ago when I started TIVO'ing the show THE DOG WHISPERER on the National Geographic Channel. Little did I know that THE DOG WHISPERER came on like 75 times a day so before I knew it I had a healthy backlog of episodes and had seen Cesar cure nearly every dog lover's nightmare from fear biting to separation anxiety to a bulldog with an uncontrollable passion for the garden hose.

    His philosophy is simple. To learn how to train a dog, you have to learn how to think like a dog and behave like a dog. There is virtually no canine problem that can't be solved with a "calm assertive" attitude. The minute he enters a room, he becomes the "pack leader" and there's something oddly attractive about that, even in a short, mild-mannered, soft-spoken man. If you add his Beta love of dogs, you have a real hero in the making!

    It also occurred to me that many of his lessons can be applied to life:

    1) If you walk with your head up and your shoulders back, people will believe you're a powerful woman
    2) You can't help someone by feeling sorry for them
    3) What's in the past doesn't matter because it's not what's happening now
    4) You have to stop agressive behavior at a lower level before it gets into the "Red Zone"
    5) You can accomplish almost anything with calm assertive energy
    6) Leadership has to come before love, but yet is also a form of love
    7) The only way to be truly fulfilled is to know your natural order in life
    8) Every home needs an Alpha dog, preferably a human