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    Saturday, December 17, 2005

    Teresa Never Could Resist Beauty and her Beast

    If you don't mind your guys a trifle bit hairy, you've always found a little Alpha male chest thumping to be endearing, and morning breath isn't an issue, the new Kong just may be the guy for you!

    The new movie version of KING KONG soars from the breathtaking imagination of director Peter Jackson. The same strengths Jackson showed in LORD OF THE RINGS are in dazzling display here. Although there are enough amazing CGI special effects to satisfy even the most jaded STAR WARS/STAR TREK geek (including me), he's never willing to sacrifice heart and intimacy for spectacle. While KONG is a sprawling rollercoaster thrill ride of a movie--the original KING KONG meets INDIANA JONES meets JURASSIC PARK--it's Naomi Watts luminous portrayal of Ann Darrow that steals our hearts (and Kong's). An incurable romantic at heart, I actually turned to my husband after the movie and said, "I wish they'd have shown more scenes developing their relationship" before remembering that I was talking about a woman and a giant gorilla.

    It occurred to me as I watched the movie that this Kong has a lot in common with the heroes of our novels:

    1) He adores Ann and finds her antics endlessly amusing.
    2) He's so attentive he can recognize her by her smell alone
    3) He rejects every other woman once they meet (hurling them out of his path like rag dolls)
    3) He's keenly jealous of every other man in her life (hurling them out of his path like rag dolls)
    4) He'd do anything to protect her, including sacrifice his own life.

    What's not to love?