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    Monday, November 14, 2005

    Nine Things Teresa Loves About Her Job

    1) Getting woken up by a cat instead of an alarm clock

    2) The freedom to exhibit lunatic behaviors without getting carted away to the nearest mental hospital like a) waltzing in one's office with invisible partner b) talking to one's self like a schizophrenic while practicing dialogue on daily neighborhood walk c) making out with a large stuffed pink pig while blocking out love scenes (Let's see--if the hero's paw was here, then where would the heroine's snout be?)

    3) Falling in love with a sexy, gorgeous new man every year and having one's husband not mind as long as those royalty checks keep coming

    4) Having 350 pics of Russell Crowe on one's screensaver and assuring husband it's "research"

    5) Having office decorated with Fairy Tale Barbies, Beauty and the Beast memorabilia and talking replica of Captain Jack Sparrow from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN

    6) Talking to your talking replica of Captain Jack Sparrow as he mumbles sweet nothings in your ear

    7) Buying all of the romances you want and assuring IRS it's "research"

    8) The ability to zone out during boring conversations with excuse of "Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking about the next plot twist in my book."

    9) Watching repeated viewings of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with Colin Firth and assuring editor waiting for late manuscript that it's "research"